Asphalt Surfacing Specialists in Cannock, West Bromwich & Wolverhampton

Earthexit Ltd is a well established and dependable asphalt company offering high quality work for asphalt surfacing in Cannock, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

We can provide asphalt surfacing for roads, drives and carparks in Cannock, West Bromwich & Wolverhampton.

Have you considered the benefits of asphalt for your driveway or parking area? With various compositions available, asphalt makes a versatile surface that can meet the demands of a wide range of uses.

Constructionline approved

Because we are on the Constructionline register we are pre-approved for tendering. If you are looking for a surfacing contractor that can mean a quicker, cheaper process, and even if you’re not, you have a guarantee that we are a fully professional, qualified and accountable provider of asphalt surfacing and other services.

Why choose asphalt?

  • Asphalt makes a surface that is smooth and tough, strong enough to withstand heavy traffic over an extended period of time. And its bump free surface makes it quiet too, great for keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Asphalt is adaptable, and can be used to create infrastructure that includes kerbs, dropped kerbs, and drains.
  • Laying asphalt is a relatively quick and easy job once the site has been prepared, meaning the labour costs of a project can be kept low.
  • The material itself offers great value for money, and will withstand the onslaught of traffic and weather for a long time to come.

About Earth Exit

We are a local firm with a great reputation for a range of asphalt surfacing and resurfacing services. With over 30 years established, we have built a client base that includes commercial, statutory, and industrial clients, in addition to the residential work we do around driveways and patios in Cannock and surrounding areas.

We are pre-approved for contracts with several councils in the region, providing surfacing, re-surfacing and groundworks.

You can find out more about our comprehensive range of services and what our customers have to say, here on our website, or get in touch. We are here to help, to answer your questions, and to arrange a quote or estimate, free of charge and with no obligation.