Does Your Driveway Need A Makeover? Here’s How To Tell

Does Your Driveway Need A Makeover? Here’s How To Tell

There are as many types of driveways as there are homes in West Midlands and across the region. But chances are that unless yours is the kind that winds elegantly through landscaped grounds, you won’t have given it much thought recently.

For many people this is just a useful strip of hard surface on which to park the car. But however small, your drive has a huge impact on the appearance of the front of your home, and a quick assessment will tell you if it could benefit from resurfacing:

  • Park your car a little way down the street and approach you home on foot – seeing the front aspect without a car is a useful exercise and will make sure you can see it all;
  • Does it add or detract from the look on your home? If it isn’t looking too good, now is the time to find out why;
  • Check the surface for cracks in the tarmac, missing or damaged paving slabs and oil stains or discolouration caused by moss or lichen.

If you decide your driveway needs attention, you could decide to clean and repair the existing surface; jet washing and a few new blocks could do the trick, or you could look at replacing your drive altogether.

Resurfacing will mean you can choose the surface that is best for you and your home. Options include asphalt and block paving, both of which will benefit your home and are hardwearing enough to last for years.

The services of a professional firm, such as Earthexit, will ensure the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your new parking area, and with a range of surfaces on offer you can really enhance the style and appeal of your home.