New Drive

New Drive

Your drive is probably the first thing that any visitor to your home will see.

If it is cracked or crazed it immediately gives the impression of someone who doesn’t care too much about their property.

This is, of course, not likely to be the case. With the passage of time every drive can suffer the consequences of earth movement caused by natural subsidence or perhaps by heavy traffic in the vicinity.

You might have opted in the past to have your existing drive sealcoated, but over time this, too, will deteriorate and crack, giving it an ‘uncared for’ look.

At Earth Exit our experienced team can re-lay your drive with a large selection of different finishes at a competitive price. We do not outsource our work to anyone else, so you can rest assured that your new drive will be laid to the highest degree of quality and professionalism.

We have many different finishes for you to choose from. We can offer you tarmac in a variety of textures and colours or block paving in whichever style best suits your home and its environs. One of our experts will be able to help you make exactly the right choice for your situation.

Once you have made your decision, our team will lay your new drive to your specification.

Your new drive will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but will prove to be a wise investment too, as you will find that the value of your property has increased.

Your initial decision to come to Earth Exit will prove to be beneficial in more ways than one!